Which one is your personality disorder?

Personality disorders are regarded by mental health scientists as one of the most controversial categories of mental disorders. For decades psychologists argue about the diagnostic criteria of these “problems of character”. Some colleagues go so far as to refrain from diagnosing them at all. However, when a person keeps facing specific difficulties in a given area […]

Difficult personality or Bipolar Disorder?

People suffering from bipolar disorder are often labeled “crazy” along with schizophrenic patients and borderline personalities. They “win” that label with their emotional lability and extreme moods. If you are the partner of someone with bipolar disorder, you surely know how exhausting and confusing communication with them is. The swings from sadness to euphoria can […]

Existential anxiety and the fear of growing old

Existential anxiety may occur at any point in life. It is very typical for periods of transition. For instance, with the advancement of age, we face a lot of disillusionment, anxiety and regrets, which we have so far suppressed thanks to the belief life is ahead of us and we have time for everything. Later […]

Anxiety and panic – should you seek treatment?

Panic, panic attack, anxiety – these are words we are using frivolously in everyday life. They are so familiar that many of my clients firmly believe they are suffering from panic attacks without this being true. Self-diagnosing through the Internet hides some risks. What it generally leads to is lower self-esteem and self-efficacy and depressive […]

The truth about clinical depression

“I’m depressed!” is a phrase you have heard from friends multiple times. Maybe you have even stated that yourself sometimes. Such a complaint is so widespread that psychologists refer to it as the flu of mental illnesses. Feeling down for a few days, however, is not a sufficient symptom to diagnose yourself with clinical depression.

Sadness […]

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