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Free Depression Screening to Celebrate Aaron Beck Day

Photo: Joe del Tufo

What is Aaron Beck Day?

Aaron T. Beck Day is an annual day of action that brings together individuals interested in improving mental health worldwide. Each year, on Dr. Beck’s birthday, people around the world participate in activities that will help promote mental health in their communities. Whether it’s hosting a free screening day, advocating for greater access to quality treatment, or increasing connection with individuals with mental health issues, every act brings us closer to a healthier world for all.

The idea of holding Aaron Beck Day was proposed by the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a tribute to the founder of Cognitive therapy. This happened shortly after his death in 2021, at the age of 100. Every mental health professional is welcome to join the initiative on the Institute’s website: https://beckinstitute.org/aaron-t-beck-day/

My contribution this month

As a member of the Beck Institute team, I participated in last year’s edition by conducting free consultations during the day of Jul 18. This year I’m participating in the event by holding a free depression screening. It will take place in the period 17 – 21.07.2023.

How to participate?

Anyone interested in the screening can send an email to plovdivtherapy@gmail.com In the “Subject” field type “Aaron Beck Day”. You will receive a link to a short questionnaire to rate yourself. Those of you who score high will receive an additional questionnaire and recommendations.

I further invite all my colleagues who have been influenced by the work of Dr. Beck in their professional path to join the initiative to commemorate his contribution to psychotherapy.


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