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Gabor Mate, Bruce Lipton and Stephen Porges in the highlights from the past month

The beginning of 2023 was marked by a vast number of interesting events in the world of modern psychology. Quite a few online conferences took place in the form of conversations between eminent specialists. That type of events are gaining more and more popularity. They give people from all over the world the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of a large number of prominent experts at a convenient time. Here are some of the most interesting discussions since the beginning of the year.

Holistic Psychotherapy Summit, Jan 23-28

At the end of January, the Holistic Psychotherapy Summit was held. In the six days of the conference, approximately 30 people from different countries presented some fundamental ideas from their field of work. Among the most prominent names were Steven Hayes, Lisa Feldman Barrett, Dan Siegel and Paul Gilbert. The organizers surprised us with a creative idea – they asked each of the speakers about three books that had the greatest impact on their work. You can download the compiled list from the conference website. Registered listeners also received a number of additional materials – articles, documentaries and books on some of the topics covered in the discussions.

Trauma Super Conference, Feb 13-19

In mid-February, the beloved Dr. Gabor Mate opened the Trauma Super Conference with a presentation on the five layers of compassion. The impact of trauma, the topic of the first day, was also examined by Dr. Bruce Lipton, who discussed the importance of sleep to the nervous system, and Dr. Steven Porges, who shared strategies for cultivating a sense of security. Among them there were many more interesting discussions on the topic of what psychological trauma is and how it affects the individual. In the remaining days of the conference, trauma recovery methodologies, the concept of collective trauma, complex relational trauma, as well as the physiological dimensions of trauma were presented. Dr. Peter Levin, Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Diane Poole Heller also gave intriguing talks. They were joined by a number of other medical and mental health professionals.

Relationship Wisdom Summit, Feb 14-16

The Relational Wisdom Summit also took place in the month of love. Psychotherapists, family therapists, coaches and mental health professionals presented a variety of relationship topics. They discussed problems related to  communication between partners in a couple, and they tried to answer the eternal question of how to have a long, happy marital life. They further covered different scientific approaches to what constitutes successful intimate relationships, how to cultivate love, what strategies to implement to increase our satisfaction as a partner and the overall quality of our relationships.

After such an intense start of the year, we will continue to participate in global online events. We will be on the lookout for everything useful and interesting in the virtual world of psychology and psychotherapy, and we will try to inform you in a timely manner about the important topics we discover. If you come across something interesting, don’t hesitate to share!

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