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Internship program

One of the biggest challenges that young professionals in the field of psychology face is gaining access to developing practical skills and earning internship hours. In response to the increasing demand, “Plovdiv Therapy” Ltd. offers an internship program to all those wishing to obtain practical skills in counseling clients in the field of mental health.

The program includes theoretical and practical exercises in a ratio of 1:6, with 84% of the curriculum devoted to practice. Individual meetings with a mentor give the trainees the opportunity to focus on what is important to them, to set their own goals and to get help in planning their professional development. Practical exercises include observing a live or recorded counseling session, role-playing, direct client interaction during processing counseling requests, and supervised testing. The intern will be given written assignments for the entire training period and needs to plan additional time for independent work – between 2 and 5 hours per week. The program ends with a test on the material covered and a 100-hour internship completion certificate.

What does the program include?

– 1:1 meetings with an individual mentor
– theoretical training dedicated to the regulation of private practice in counseling and psychotherapy
– processing requests for psychological counseling
– administering and processing questionnaires
– observing a counseling session
– completing a psychological assessment
– preparation of a professional development plan
– access to the resources of Plovdiv Therapy
– certificate of successfully completed internship
– possibility to extend the internship period given an excellent performance

Who is the internship suitable for?

– students in the master’s programs in psychology
– practicing psychologists
– psychotherapists in training
– medical doctors
– social workers
– human resources specialists

Where does the internship take place?

Plovdiv, 114 “Rodopi” St., ground floor
Due to the nature of work, online enrollment is not possible.

What is the duration of the internship?

The program lasts for 3 months (100 hours in total).

What is the cost of the program?

Each intern pays a fee of BGN 500 by bank transfer.
*Plovdiv Therapy is NOT a licensed vocational training center and does NOT receive state funding for its internship program. The internship does not count towards university requirements.

How do I apply?

Send your CV to plovdivtherapy@gmail.com. Proficiency in English is mandatory. No certificate is required. Approved candidates will be invited to an interview.

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