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About me

Looking for a psychologist in Plovdiv?


My name is Karina Byalkova and I have been working as a psychologist in Plovdiv since 2012. I obtained my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Indianapolis.

Since then, I have worked with people of minority status, the disadvantaged, children at risk, adolescents with learning difficulties and anxiety disorders, as well as adults with affective and personality disorders.

For four years I have been working for a foreign healthcare provider, in the field of health psychology.

Currently, I am working exclusively with adults, including foreign students, temporary residents, and multinational families in the area.

I am working through a cognitive-behavioral perspective. I have completed courses in treating depressionanxiety, and personality disorders at the Beck Institute, the source of CBT worldwide. I use techniques from other forms of CBT, such as Schema Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, to tailor my approach to each individual case. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is currently regarded as the gold standard in psychotherapy.  You can find more information about it in the CBT section of this page.

In 2021, after successful completion of the certification program at Beck Institute, I became the first Bulgarian practitioner to obtain the title Beck Institute CBT Certified Clinician. My profile in the Institute’s directory is available here. Such a distinction proves that I received my training straight from the source, and demonstrates top professional level of the services I provide.

About the same time, I enrolled at a 5-year training program in a second therapeutic modality – Reality Therapy – at the European Institute of Reality Therapy. My goal is to learn a different approach to understanding mental suffering that will contribute to my personal and professional development.

How can I help you?

The people who most frequently contact me are psychologically healthy individuals. They are facing difficulties in responding to life challenges. Usually what they look for is support and help in resolving specific issues, which increase their levels of stress and anxiety. In case a clinical condition or a psychological disorder is present, we jointly decide what other specialists in mental health to refer to.

Consulting a psychologist is suitable for everyone, who currently faces difficulties in:

  • family life – relationships, sexual dysfunctions, child care, care for the elderly, divorce, etc.
  • employment – stress at the workplace, burnout syndrome, aggression, anger management, coworker relationships, specific skill deficits, etc.
  • personal development – dissatisfaction, social isolation, emotional crises, life transition crises, adjustment, etc.

As a clinical psychologist, I also provide:

  • clinical assessment
  • independent evaluations, required by third parties
  • counseling
  • psychiatric referal

I also provide psychological services to English-speaking communities in the region, as well as to individuals with English as a foreign language.