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Individual Clients

The psychological consultation

The conversation we have during our consultation and later in counseling follows certain rules. We have tasks to cover within the given time-frame, which means that we need to be well organized in order to be efficient.

Some cases need certain adjustments. Therefore, I define my style as eclectic, meaning that I do combine elements from varios CBT modalities. These include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Schema Therapy, and, occasionally, even Existentialism (especially with the elderly).

Sessions may be conducted in individual, family or group format. Feel free to discuss all options during our initial consultation.

Individual sessions

This is the most common form of counseling and psychotherapy. It consists of one-to-one dialogue. Meetings are usually held once a week at the same time. When run online, Google Meet video call service is used.

Except for the first session, which looks like an interview, every subsequent one has several main components.

In the process, the client learns new techniques and how to use them independently. That is, once sessions are over, they become their own therapists. Read more about the first session.

Family/Couples sessions

With couples, fifty-minute weekly sessions are scheduled. Families need a bit longer session duration.

When I see families and couples, I generally avoid having individual consultations with each member separately. The reason is related to trust and confidentiality.

Of course, some exceptions are allowed for. If we collaboratively decide that I will see someone individually, this is done only after the agreement of the others involved.

Group sessions

Group sessions are characterized by strict rules to which all members have to adhere. Members are usually from 6 to 8. 90-minute weekly meetings are scheduled.

Due to numerous media representations, group counseling is often misunderstood. Two widespread images are group therapy in a clinical setting with psychologically impaired in-patients or group therapy at a substance-abuse help center.

In reality, there is a lot more to group counseling than that. For some people, group work provides a fast track to personal growth, while others may benefit more from individual sessions.

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