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Days of Leon Lojk 2023

The European Association for Reality Therapy is organizing the eighth edition of the three-day conference “Days of Leon Lojk” from October 27th to 29th, traditionally held in the Slovenian resort of Bled. For the eighth consecutive year, consultants and therapists in reality therapy from all over Europe will exchange experiences during the two days of workshops and discussion panels, while the third day is dedicated to the work of trainers and supervisors.

What is Reality Therapy?

Reality Therapy is a psychotherapeutic modality founded in the 1960s by American psychiatrist Dr. William Glasser. Besides being a psychotherapeutic approach, the method is widely used in education and management in the United States. Reality Therapy is defined as a systemic evolutionary approach based on the theory of perceptual control. In an era of short-term, symptom-reducing, evidence-based approaches rooted in the medical model, Reality Therapy stands out with its philosophy and views on humans as closed-loop systems. From the client’s perspective, Reality Therapy offers a fundamentally different experience compared to other modalities.

Who is Leon Lojk?

Leon Lojk (1937-2014) was a Slovenian psychologist, psychotherapist, and senior instructor at William Glasser International, the American institute for Reality Therapy. Among his achievements is the scientific substantiation of the method and the founding of the European Association for Reality Therapy (EART) in 1999. This marked the beginning of the spread of Reality Therapy in Europe as a recognized modality by the European Association for Psychotherapy. Currently, his wife, Boba Lojk, serves as the Secretary-General of EART and the director of the institute under EART.

Why “Days of Leon Lojk”?

The annual conference bears Leon Lojk’s name as a tribute to his contributions to the establishment of the method in Europe. The event aims to bring together practitioners of the method and provide opportunities for ongoing professional development. It also offers trainees access to supervisors from various countries and the chance to build an international network of collaboration teams.

Past Editions of “Days of Leon Lojk”

The first Bulgarian delegation participated in 2021 when the event was held online due to the epidemiological situation. Last year’s edition was live. Guests on the first day of the event included Dr. Gabor Mate, who participated virtually, and Dr. John Brickell, who delivered a live lecture. After an intense afternoon, the day concluded with a cocktail party, including the certification of the latest batch of therapists. On the second day of workshops, groups were divided based on working languages: Slovenian, Croatian, and English.

About Bled, Slovenia

Bled is a popular summer resort located on Lake Bled. It is less than an hour’s drive from the capital, Ljubljana. The captivating beauty of the mountain lake provides participants with opportunities for various activities outside the program, from rowing in a traditional handmade wooden boat to hiking in nearby national natural parks and visiting historical landmarks.

Where to Find More Information?

For more information about Reality Therapy, “Days of Leon Lojk” 2023, or other current events in Bulgaria, you can contact the Bulgarian Association for Reality Therapy at the email address info@batr.bg.