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First year of Reality Therapy training completed

In March 2021, I started my five-year training program in Reality Therapy at the European Institute for Reality Therapy. The members of our group came from Bulgaria, Malta, and Morocco.

From our first online meeting…

Today, a year later, we are the first Bulgarian class of future RT therapists. We completed our first year of basic skills, filled with training, practica, supervisions, and intervisions. We discovered new mentors and built new friendships. And we keep developing together.


…through working face-to-face…

The Bulgarian Association for Reality Therapy managed to create an exclusive community of trust, cooperation, and mutual support, where each of us can grow as a person and a professional. We are looking forward to our next academic year.


…to online celebrations!

Our deepest gratitude goes to our trainers from Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to all specialists across and beyond Europe, who inspired us through their presentations and exercises during the RT conferences.


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