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Practical concerns about counseling and psychotherapy

Is everything we discuss confidential?

Yes, sessions are confidential. Upon intake, you will fill in an informed consent form, which describes the rule of confidentiality in detail. There are certain exceptions to that rule, which are required by the ethical standards of our regulatory body.



What is the cost of one session?

The rate is determined by the session’s duration for each form – individual, family or group consultation. Individual and couples sessions are usually 50 min long, whereas family and group sessions – 80 min. You can make an inquiry about the current rates by emailing to plovdivtherapy@gmail.com .



What is the best form of counseling for me?

The form of counseling is a matter of personal choice. The best option depends on your presenting problem, personal characteristics, your previous experience with counseling or psychotherapy, and the expectations you hold of the final result. The approach I recommend is discussing the question during our initial session and exploring all suitable options.



How do I book an appointment for a session?

You can book an appointment by calling or texting +359879182292 (Viber and Whatsapp available), or by sending an email to plovdivtherapy@gmail.com. It is recommended to book at least a week before your prefered date, as I might not be readily available.



How do I pay for our sessions?

Payment is processed after booking an appointment, through bank transfer. Upon confirmation, you will receive the bank details to make the transfer in advance of the session, so that you receive your invoice during our meeting. You will have to provide your full name in cyrillic, your temporary address and your Bulgarian ID or tax number.



What happens when I need to cancel a session?

Cancelling sessions frequently is not recommended, as it interferes with the efficiency of our work. When you have to reschedule I will arrange a new day within the same week (in person or online). If this is not possible, the session will be skipped. Make sure to give me a one working day notice, so that I waive the fee.



Can I have online sessions?

Yes. Google Meet video call service is used for online sessions. You will receive a link to join the call. It’s advisable to be online 5 min before our scheduled time to test the connection. Keep in mind extreme meteorological conditions might interfere with the connection.




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