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July 18: Aaron T. Beck Day

What is Aaron Beck Day?

July 18: Aaron T. Beck Day is dedicated to everyone who supports the cause of improving mental health worldwide. Every year on Dr. Beck’s birthday, specialists from all countries participate in events to promote mental health in their communities.

The idea for holding annual Aaron Beck Day was proposed by the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy as a tribute to the founder of cognitive therapy. This happened shortly after his death in 2021 at the age of 100. Every specialist in the field of mental health can join the initiative on the Institute’s website.


How will we celebrate Aaron Beck Day this year?

I participated in the first edition by offering free live consultations on the Day. During the second edition, I participated by conducting a free depression screening from 17-21.07.2023. This year, on 18.06., I am once again providing free live consultations on the topic “How can the CBT approach help me solve my problem?” The consultations are individual, lasting 30 minutes, and will be held from 09:00 to 12:00. Registration is necessary to secure a spot. Each participant will also receive information on options for funding psychological counseling.


How to participate?

Anyone who wishes to schedule a consultation can send an email to plovdivtherapy@gmail.com with the subject “Aaron Beck Day.” You will receive information about the available time slots.


How can you contribute?

I also invite all my colleagues who have been influenced by Dr. Beck’s work in their professional journey to join the initiative to honor his memory. All ideas are welcome—from conducting workshops to translating informational materials. On the Institute’s website, you can get inspired by the good practices of colleagues from the international community over the years.


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