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Webinar: Group Counseling Q&A Session

Who is the webinar for?


This webinar is intended for anyone who wants to learn more about the group counseling process and the opportunity to join a group. If you want to participate but have doubts, this is your opportunity to ask questions and clarify anything that interests you. If you have already participated in such a process and want to share your experience with others, you are welcome to join and share!


How is it useful?


Group counseling is a popular format in which participants meet regularly to work through their psychological difficulties in a safe environment. We will talk about the different types of groups so you can decide which one is best for you. We will discuss what is important to know before, during, and after meetings to make an informed decision about whether to engage in the process. We will debunk the most common myths about group counseling. We will address your concerns and doubts about your participation in a group. We will also hear the impressions of those of you who have already participated in group counseling. And of course, you will get answers to all your queries.


What to expect?


The event will take place on 09.05. /Thursday/ at18:00, on Google Meet. The webinar lasts 50 minutes. For those of you who prefer to remain anonymous, you don’t have to turn on the cameras nor use your real names – you can participate as listeners only. The webinar is free. The number of participants is limited to 20, which requires registration in advance.


Who is your host?


Karina Bialkova is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Plovdiv. She is the first Bulgarian Beck Institute CBT Certified Clinician. She is also the secretary of the Bulgarian Association of Reality Therapy. She works with adults in individual, family, and group formats. The group counseling takes place face-to-face only, in the office of Plovdiv Therapy. There is no option for online participation.


How to sign up?

You can register for the webinar by filling out THIS FORM. You will receive a link to the meeting on your email address. Participation in the webinar is free and not tied to the purchase of a product or service. Keep in mind that the language of the webinar is Bulgarian.


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