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Free Consultation Gift Card

About the campaign

The Free Consultation Gift Card campaign launched back in 2020.  People who have experienced the benefits of psychological counseling were given the opportunity to make a gift to their loved ones. At the time of the epidemiological situation, many people faced challenges, such as professional burnout, loss of relatives and friends, loss of financial stability and social isolation. In such a context, timely professional support was of great importance, but not everyone decided to seek it. That is why the campaign was successful – many who were in a position to lend a hand, did so.

Make a present: a gift card for a psychological consultation

The idea came from people who found in counseling a way to cope with difficulties and to achieve personal growth. They wanted to help their loved ones as well. You, too, probably have acquaintances who would appreciate professional help, but for one reason or another do not take the step to seek it themselves. This opportunity is for you to help them help themselves.

How does it work?

Request a gift card for a psychological consultation by sending an email to plovdivtherapy@gmail.com. Provide the name and surname of the person who will use it. Pay by bank transfer, print the received file and your gift is ready!

Who is it suitable for?

A one-off psychological consultation is suitable for anyone who has never used mental health services. This is a chance to learn about the process of psychological counseling, its benefits, methods and risks. Counseling provides an opportunity for a person to make an informed decision about whether to undertake such a journey towards the inner self.


  • The voucher is valid for a period of one month from the date of receipt.
  • The voucher is also valid for both face-to-face and online consultations.
  • The service cannot be assigned to third parties.
  • The service is used after booking an appointment.
  • In case of refusal to use the service, the amount is not refunded.


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