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Reality Therapy: Advanced Skills

The Bulgarian Association for Reality Therapy welcomed back the class of trainees who returned from Kranj, Slovenia, the day after our national holiday. There, Bulgarian specialists in the field of mental health began the second phase of their psychotherapy training in the modality.


An intensive four-day workshop kicked off training at the advanced skills level. Together with colleagues from Slovenia, the Bulgarian students worked on topics of psychopathology, addictions, and eating disorders, which were among the highlights of the program. Between classes, they also shared their views on the legal regulation of the professions of “psychologist” and “psychotherapist”. The hosts presented some key points from the newly adopted psychotherapy law in their country.


As a trainee, I can say that the diverse composition of the student body contributes to a holistic view of each individual case we examine. Among us, there are psychotherapists already qualified in other modalities, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and consultants in the field of education and child development. Such a multitude helps us see the individual in their wholeness from all perspectives while applying the basic postulates of Reality Therapy.


The participants parted with anticipation of October when the next intensive live workshop is coming up. Until then, each of them will have individual supervision and personal therapy, as well as group practice sessions and intervision.


Kranj, Slovenia is home to the European Institute for Reality Therapy. Since its accreditation with the European Association for Psychotherapy in 2014, it has provided training to over 400 psychotherapists from around 10 countries. The whole community gathers annually at the conference “Days of Leon Lojk ” in the resort of Bled. In the days of that international conference, current topics in psychotherapy are discussed and practice-based scientific developments of guest speakers are presented.


For more information about the training, you can contact BATR at info@batr.bg